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GEM offers a mobile payment platform to reward social action in RSA.

  • Users earn GEMs by volunteering their time and efforts to helping improve their community.
  • Users spend GEMs on digital rewards incl. airtime, electricity, data, movie tickets and grocery vouchers.
  • R1 = 1 GEM

Opening a GEM account is quick, easy and FREE. 
You can sign-up straight from your mobile and start earning GEMs - wherever you go. 

Good Deeds, Great Rewards.

Pilates is a form of exercise, developed by Joseph Pilates, which emphasizes the balanced development of the body through core strength, flexibility, and awareness in order to support efficient, graceful movement.

Most diseases are diagnosed too late for effective treatment. WellLab tests enable YOU to identify very early markers of diseases so that effective and preventive treatments of most diseases can be implemented successfully. Our practitioners will work with you to guide you the best tests to use, how to interpret the results of the tests and how to formulate effective solutions from them based on evidence based nutritional medicine.



The World Council for Psychotherapy is an NGO with consultative status at the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations. It was founded in 1995, has its headquarters in Vienna and holds a World Congress every three years, with more than a thousand participants from about a hundred countries. During recent years the World Congresses for Psychotherapy were organized in Austria, Argentina, China, Australia, South Africa, and France.

All-Russian Professional Psychotherapeutic League (PPL Russia, or League) is a professional association of a cutting-edge kind which organizes significant professional activities every day, 365 days a year. Since 1998, it unites all those who are engaged or trained in psychotherapy. The Professional Psychotherapeutic League is the largest, active and influential professional psychotherapeutic community in Russia.


Welcome to the first and only International Journal for Psychotherapists, Counselors and Psychiatrists: the International Journal of Psychotherapy, Counseling & Psychiatry Theories, Researches & Clinical Practices (IJPCP). Although practitioners, researchers and academicians from these three disciplines are related with the vision of the provision of effective therapy for patients with psychological disorders and the promotion of good mental health, until now, there is no platform for them collaborate. Recent development in neuroscience and neuro psychotherapy and psychiatry has provided the timely opportunity for these collaborations to take place.

To share and learn the best practices for regional and international level developments

  • Example: Reattach a new schema therapy for psychological disorders and autistic spectrum disorder (ASD) treatments that are becoming popular since the practical research has been rewarded with Clinical Neuropsychiatry Awards.
  • To promote collaborations and partnerships for development of effective and sustainable programs.
  • Cooperate with companies or organizations on accepting psychological disorders and ASD.
  • Motivations for working families who have members with psychological disorders and ASD.
  • Learn how to live with a persons with psychological disorders and ASD.
  • Learn and understand psychological disorderrs and ASD.
  • To learn the best places to obtain information, treatment, and therapies for psychological disorders and ASD.